At NFC we want to minister to the whole person and the whole family.  As far as the whole person…we recognize that people live in four realms (Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual) (Luke 2:52) and we seek to deal with each of those realms because we sincerely believe the Gospel deals with all of them as well.

Moreover, we recognize that a church needs to minister to people at every stage of life.  That is why we have ministries structured for every age group.  Take a look at the pages for Children, Youth, and Adults…they don’t tell the whole story of what goes on at NFC…but they will give you a good glimpse of what we are doing for each of them.

Lastly, our passion is more than just to have “good music” or a “great VBS”…our passion is the same as God’s…to see people shaped and conformed to the image of Christ and to share that joy with others…in short it is to see disciples made.  Where are you on that journey?